Because the Night belongs to us

Chapter 8

NSFW warning! Contains blood, violence, undead creatures and explicit sex scenes, including those with dubious consent. Minors, turn back! Adults, proceed at your own risk!

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As soon as she had put away the wolfsbane pendant, the image flared up in her mind. This was where he wanted her to go. The streets were still busy. But the more she followed the given path, the less people she saw. Then there was nobody else and she walked alone in dirty alleys.

Colleen knew the place. It was the former headquarter of the streetgang that had fallen for Davos’ promises. These days, it was abandoned, cold wind rushing through the cracks, dirt staining the ground. But the curtain, separating one of the corners from the rest, was new.

After dropping her bag near the entrance, she crossed the room. Determined, she pulled the light blue fabric aside. A grinning Danny said on the other side. He had cleaned up the small area behind the curtain, brought a picnic basket and a blanket with horrible colors. It was so painfully Danny that it hurt to see the prolonged fangs in his tender smile.

“I’m so glad you came,” he said and held out his hand.

“And I’m glad to be here,” she said and took it.


In hindsight, Foggy should have known. Their old office rooms. Currently, the whole building stood empty, the owner apparently preferring to write off the loss than to actually rent out.

Red sunlight broke in the door’s glass window when Foggy approached. To no surprise, he found it unlocked and could enter. He took his time on the staircase, smiling at the echoes of softer times.

The door to the old office stood ajar. Foggy pushed it open and stepped into the reception area. Bare walls and stained windows greeted him. Cobwebs adorned the corners of the ceiling and dirt covered the ground. Bittersweet memories flooded his mind, of filling the rooms with cheap furniture and obsolete technology.

Looking closer, Foggy saw that the dust on the floor had been disturbed. A pair of footsteps unmistakably led to Foggy’s old office. Swallowing hard, Foggy put down his backpack and followed the trail. The hinges of the door squeaked when he entered.

The room had been superficially cleaned. A couple of soft and cozy looking blankets were spread out on the floor. Someone had closed the blinds and put up an old desk lamp with a soft orange glow.

Matt leant against the wall. A charming smile on his lips, he waited. This time, he wore a black T-shirt, showing off his impressive muscles, and a pair of blue jeans. Apparently, vampires didn’t mind the cold.

“Hey,” Matt said in a seductive tone.

“Hi,” Foggy said. “I didn’t expect you to be here already. I thought you’d arrive later. You know, after dusk.”

Chuckling, Matt pushed himself off the wall. Like a predator, he walked over to Foggy until they were chest to chest.

“I’m Daredevil, sweetheart,” he said as he cupped Foggy’s cheek. “I know how to move through the city while avoiding the light.”

“I guess that makes se… hmmm.”

Matt’s lips on Foggy’s cut off the sentence. It became hard to think from now on as a large strong hand tangled in his hair while the other found his pulse point again. Foggy let Matt steer him to the nest of blankets and when Foggy went down, he went willingly.


On the blanket, Colleen and Danny kissed. Their fingers were entwined and their knees touched. After a while, Danny moved away. He gave Colleen another charming smile before turning his eyes to their hands.

Colleen followed his gaze. His hand flared up, the usual shine of his Iron Fist almost gone. Only a few golden streaks still flitted through the red glow. Concentrating, Colleen activated her Chi as well. The white gleam of her hand shone surrounded by Danny’s crimson light.

Satisfied, Danny nodded. He tilted his head and leant in to kiss Colleen again. Allowing his tongue to slip between her lips, Colleen tightened her grip on his hand. She could feel the curse slither from him to her, the tainted Chi invading hers.

Danny hummed, contentment and arousal in the sound. But then, he halted. With a frown, he broke the kiss and stared at her.

“What are you doing?”


A few hours ago in the Sanctum Sanctorum

“I can’t accept this!” Colleen said, pacing in the library. “And if Luke was not only half-conscious, neither would he!”

Foggy nodded. He was with Colleen fully. Biting his lip, he watched her walk up and down. Foggy had an idea. A risky one. If he shared it with Colleen, she’d be on board - and in danger. But she wanted Danny back just as badly as he wanted Matt back.

“There is still some of this potion, right?” he asked.

“Yes, a lot,” Colleen said. “But it’s not that you and I can make Danny and Matt drink it without help.”

“No, not right now, but…,” Foggy tried sorting his thoughts. After taking a deep breath, he asked, “Strange said Danny could infect you very fast over the Iron Fists because they are a direct access to your Chi and his tainted Chi, right?”

“Yes,” Colleen said, brows furrowed. “Why?”

“Ever thought it might work the other way around, too?”


Now, in an abandoned building in Chinatown

Pearls of sweat formed on Colleen’s forehead, running down her temples. Danny was not subjected to this, but his face was a mask of anger and exertion. His eyes shone with the hurt of betrayal, but Colleen was not affected. She was not betraying Danny, she was saving him.

Foggy was right. The power of the Dragon was not only the Iron Fist, a mighty tool for fighting. Just as much it was an open palm, a power of healing and purging. It could be used to separate a person’s Chi from any poison, sickness… or curse that befell it, so the pure Chi could regenerate and clean itself.

Colleen focused. She freed her Chi from the beginning infection Danny had already subjected her to. Then she went further. She let her energy flow into Danny. She pushed her Chi between the vampiric power and what was left of Danny’s untouched Chi. It was not much, but it was still there.

It worked! The rage disappeared from Danny’s features, making room for confusion.

“Co… Colleen? What… what is happening? What did I do?” he babbled. “I… cannot…”

“You can!” With a determined growl, Colleen pushed the tainted Chi back, her white energy stream wavering between the golden light of Danny’s and the dark red mass. “Focus, Danny! Keep it at bay for a few seconds!”

She let go of Danny’s hand and ran to grab her bag. From it, she retrieved as many bottles of Ervenar’s potion as she could carry and uncorked the first when she was back at Danny’s side.

“Here!” she said. “You need to drink it!”

With the tainted Chi separated from him, Danny was himself for now. Nodding, he took the phial and emptied it.

“You were pretty far in,” Colleen said apologetically when she saw him flinch. “You should drink more.”

Danny made a face, but obediently took the next bottle. “How can something taste like nothing and still be so disgusting?”

Colleen giggled. “I don’t know. Magic I guess,” she said and added thoughtfully, “But we should be grateful it tastes like nothing.”


A few hours ago in the Sanctum Sanctorum

“That could work,” Colleen said. “I’m pretty good at using the fist to heal and Danny’s changed abilities are still new to him.” She paused. “But what about you? No offense, but I don’t see you wrestling Matt down and making him drink that stuff.”

Foggy laughed. “Me neither.”

“So, what is your plan?”

“Easy.” Foggy shrugged. “I’ll give Matt what he wants.”


Now in the former offices of Nelson & Murdock, attorneys at law

Reverently, Matt’s hand slid across every part of Foggy’s body. Every dip, every curve, he explored, kissed Foggy’s chest and the curve of his belly. His touch was a cool contrast to the warm blankets, but there was one part of Matt that was burning hot - and pressing insistently against Foggy’s upper leg. Foggy had no idea how that worked and he did not care.

Matt moved lower, slow and deliberate, leaving a trail of worship with his lips. With fingers and mouth, he caressed Foggy’s thighs, making noises like a starving man finally presented a delicious meal.

His clever tongue licked along Foggy’s cock and he laughed softly at the helpless whimper Foggy let out. He applied soft kisses along the shaft and on the tip before closing his lips around Foggy’s manhood fully.

“Fuck, Matty!”

Helpless, Foggy squirmed under Matt’s ministrations. Bobbing his head at an ever changing, unpredictable pace, Matt drove Foggy crazy, leading him to the edge, but not letting him fall. By the time Matt let up, Foggy was a needy mess. He turned his head from side to side, rolled his hips and whined. As an invitation, Foggy spread his legs obscenely wide. For a moment, Matt moved away but returned quickly. When a lubed finger entered Foggy, he moaned out Matt’s name.

“Please, Matt,” he whimpered. “Please, get on with it.”

A dark chuckle fell from Matt’s lips.

“Patience,” he admonished. “No need to rush things. We have eternity.”

Sure enough, Matt took his time, thoroughly preparing Foggy.

“I dreamed about having you here, in your office,” Matt whispered while he opened Foggy up. “Too bad the desk is gone. But I’ll have all the time in the world to take you on any desk I want.”

The words washed over Foggy. In the back of his mind, he registered how long Matt had wanted him, just as he had wanted Matt. But he was too far gone to mourn lost time now. He no longer cared about yesterdays. Or tomorrows. All that mattered was this moment.

When Matt withdrew his fingers, Foggy whined at the loss. Sweetly, Matt shushed him and covered Foggy’s soft body with his own muscled form. Their lips met again while Matt lined up his cock with Foggy’s entrance.

Matt pushed in. Growling, he slid into the tight channel, inch by inch. As soon as he was sheathed, Matt started moving at a firm and steady pace. Foggy’s hands found Matt’s shoulders and his gasps and moans urged Matt on.

A stray tear escaped Foggy. This was what he had wanted for so incredibly long. To be with Matt, to be taken by him, to please him. Buried deep inside him, it had been a secret, almost forgotten even by himself.

Now Matt was right here, giving Foggy what he wished for. Matt’s face was a picture of desire, his motions almost frenzied and his sounds greedy, making Foggy feel nothing but wanted.

Everything was perfect. And utterly wrong.

The thought was pushed aside when Matt adjusted his position, angling his thrusts just so. He hit Foggy’s sweet spot exquisitely and answered Foggy’s drawn out moan with a deep rumble of his own. Foggy arched his back in bliss when Matt repeated the movement over and over. Not once did Matt let up until Foggy’s body went taut underneath him.

With a desperate cry, Foggy came. White hot ropes of seed pooled between the lovers’ bodies. Intuitively, Foggy threw his head back, baring his throat. His orgasmic ecstasy mingled with a sweet sharp pain as Matt pierced through the vulnerable skin. Matt all but roared into Foggy’s neck when he followed Foggy over the edge. Wildly, he rode out his climax, spilling himself deep inside Foggy’s channel while drinking from his partner.

When his breathing had evened out, Matt lifted his head. Tenderly, he smiled at Foggy with reddened teeth and brushed his bloodied lips over Foggy’s. He slipped out of Foggy and lifted his arm. Like a few days ago, he used his fangs to cut open his own skin.

“You’re finally mine,” he whispered as he watched his blood run freely. “I’m so happy. You’ll see. It will be perfect. You and me and our friends. All we have… have to do…to do now…” he blinked and shook his head. “Have to… what is going on? I… I feel…”

Groaning, Matt collapsed on top of Foggy. Carefully, Foggy rolled him aside and took his chance to get to his backpack.


“I feel horrible,” Danny said hoarsely.

Colleen had tucked him into the picnic blanket and was using the water he brought to cool his forehead.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But it will pass. Rest a bit and we’ll get you to the Sanctum.”

“No.” Danny shook his head. “I feel horrible for the things I’ve done. I attacked Jess, I attacked you, I tried turning Luke into a monster, I…”

“Please don’t,” Colleen shushed. “Jess is tough, she is fine. Luke was healed from the vampirism and recovers under Strange’s care. I’m okay as well and so will you be.”

Sighing, Danny nodded. “Alright,” he said, but then, “Wait, what about Matt?”

“We’ll see,” Colleen said.

Either way, Matt would be with the man he loved.


Matt was writhing on the blankets. It was hard to watch, even though Foggy had been told it would be painful. Still, knowing the person you love most would be suffering and actually watching it, were two different things. Which was why Foggy felt very bad to use Matt’s weakness to force more of the potion down his throat. But Foggy did not trust that the amount he had spread on his lips and neck before leaving the Sanctum would be enough for healing Matt fully. Matt had been infected almost too long to get him back. Better be on the safe side.

After what seemed like an eternity, Matt stopped thrashing around. He lay there, breathing heavily, limbs loose.

“Foggy?” he asked weakly after a while.

“I’m here, Matty,” Foggy said and took one sweaty hand in his. “You’re gonna be okay. Just… rest.”

“Foggy…” Matt’s lips wobbled and his unfocused eyes filled with tears. “I’m so sorry. I did… I’m so…”

Foggy swallowed hard. “Rest,” he repeated. “Everything is gonna be alright.”

A few times, Matt opened and closed his mouth again. But he spoke no more. Soon he was asleep.


Early in the morning, two groups left the Sanctum Sanctorum. Misty and Doctor Strange went to collect Danny and Colleen who had sent her whereabouts half an hour ago. Luke, feeling much better, and Jess went to get Matt and Foggy.

When they all returned, relief was written all over their faces. The morning sun brought the truth they had been hoping for. All of them were perfectly able to walk in its light. It also helped that neither Matt nor Danny had inhumanly long fangs anymore.

But while Danny was happy and cheerful and would not stop hugging people (Jess was close to breaking his arms), Matt appeared subdued. Whenever someone asked, he would answer “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just tired”.

Back at the Sanctum, Ervenar greeted them with packed bags. He said his goodbyes and left for his home.

“Stay clear of bloodsuckers,” he advised before walking through the portal Strange had created for him.

Luckily, an hour later, Strange’s friend and assistant Wong returned from an excursion. Unlike Strange, Wong knew of a whole floor in the Sanctum, containing nothing but guest rooms. Exasperated, he scowled into Strange’s befuddled face and went to prepare the quarters. It was a bit late for the guests’ poor backs, but at least Matt and Danny would have places to rest. Luke, who had enough of the infirmary bed, was looking forward to his own room as well.

Doctor Strange, glad that everyone was alright, offered to let them stay for a few days so they could treat all side effects of the potions at once. Even though he did not expect any.

Danny wanted to stay among his friends as long as possible. Reminiscent of a child, insisting to not be tired at all, he postponed his strongly needed sleep again and again. The others, while tired as well, weren’t too unhappy to indulge him, all glad to be alive and well and together.

Matt, however, went to bed as soon as Wong declared the rooms ready for occupancy.

“He is probably really just tired,” Danny said to Foggy in a comforting tone. “He was… very busy while we were, you know…”

“Yeah, I know.” Foggy nodded and faked a smile


Matt did not show up for breakfast. Or afterwards. Nobody commented on it, but everybody was very careful and sweet around Foggy.

It was Jess who finally snapped. For quite a while she had sat next to Luke, her head resting against his shoulders, his arm around her. But when the grandfather clock announced noon, she suddenly stood, murmuring, “this is bullshit”, and waltzed over to Matt’s room. Without knocking, she stormed in.

“After what Foggy went through for you, you could at least… Matt?”

Sighing, she let her eyes wander over the empty bedroom. Matt was not here, but the window was open.

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