The Devil (you think) you know

Not explicit, but some mature content

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Foggy stares at the door. His hand hovers over the handle as he hesitates. With every second going by, he feels sillier. Especially since Matt can probably hear him already and begins to wonder what’s wrong.

He takes a deep breath. Finally he pushes open the door and steps in. If Matt has noticed him, loitering in front of his own firm like an idiot, he is polite enough not to mention it. He stands in the door to the kitchen and smiles. With a cup of coffee in his hands, he approaches Foggy.

“Hi, Foggy,” Matt says. “I thought you’d go home after court.”

“I- I was going to,” Foggy answers. “But I need to talk to you.”

Something in his voice must give his distress away. Because Matt looks very concerned all of a sudden and puts down his coffee on the reception desk. Gently, he puts his now free hands on Foggy’s shoulders.

“Is something wrong?”

Foggy swallows. Like a deer in the headlights, he stares at his own reflection in Matt’s dark red glasses. The sudden proximity and Matt’s concern do nothing to ease his nervousness. But he wouldn’t weasel out of the conversation again. He has done so for a week now and it hasn’t helped. At all.

“Um, no,” he says. “Not… not really. Maybe a bit. But not at catastrophe level.”

Matt chuckles a bit. “That’s reassuring. So what non-catastrophic issue can I help with?”

“I… kind of heard that you have a, um, date with the woman from the- the travel agency on level 1?”

“Yeees?” Matt says after a moment. “Why?”

“Ah, yes. You see, if you’re completely in love with her and already have a unique, deep connection with her, I… I really don’t want to…” Foggy swallows, “... mess around with that. Don’t feel like you have to… you know… not date her… I guess. But if, IF, this is you, getting just back in the saddle, so to speak. So if you simply want to date again and she is one candidate, I… I’d like to… what’s the phrase? Throw my hat into the ring as well.”

One eyebrow raises above the rim of Matt’s glasses. But Matt remains silent. So Foggy rambles on. No backing down now.

“I know it’s maybe weird since we’ve been friends for so long. And you probably never even considered it. Which is fine! Just… maybe consider it now ? I’ve grown pretty sure that you like men as well. So do I. And if you think about it… it would make sense. We know everything about each other: interests, dislikes, strengths, flaws, the whole package. While the road has been bumpy, we… haven’t killed each other yet. You tried once, but you were possessed and you changed your mind so it doesn’t count. And I don’t think I could kill you, because…” Foggy waves over Matt’s well trained body before gesturing over his own. “My point is, we are pretty close and find it hard to be apart. Why not… I don’t know… add another layer? Or something…”

As he runs out of words, Foggy also runs out of courage. What was he thinking? Actually acting on his feelings for Matt? Matt who still hasn’t said a word, but just stands there, frozen.

“Oh man,” Foggy says and laughs without humor. “Sorry, buddy. I- I don’t know how I thought this was a good idea. Just… just forget it, yes. You have a date tomorrow and…whoa.”

Within the blink of an eye, Matt’s hand has curled around Foggy’s tie and pulled. Foggy falls against Matt who catches him with ease. The familiar smell of Matt’s subtle cologne is suddenly so much more intense, mingling with coffee and the sweat of a long day. It’s bewitching. So Foggy sinks embarrassingly easy into Matt’s arms and his eyes flutter shut even before Matt’s lips are on his. When they are, Foggy opens up quickly for Matt’s tongue, searching and claiming Foggy’s mouth.

Pleasantly, Foggy sighs into the kiss. He holds on to Matt, part of him afraid this is but a dream and Matt will disappear or turn into a cartoon rabbit or something.

His back hits the wall. Matt must have steered them here, but Foggy doesn’t mind. It’s nice. The solid wall behind him and the warm muscled weight of Matt Murdock trapping him against it. Though Matt appears to have lost some weight. Foggy will have to do something about that. Either way, the hold makes him feel safe and wanted.

Matt’s tongue maps out Foggy’s mouth, eager and demanding. Foggy has seen Matt fight now and again. The kiss reminds him of Matt’s combat style: forceful, precise, relentless and purposeful. However, Foggy is better off than those on the wrong side of Matt’s billy club.

Much better. After being pinned and kissed senseless for a while, he is hard and judging by the bulge in Matt’s pants, Matt’s in a similar state.

Foggy wants it to last. Forever if possible. But of course, it’s not and in the end, Matt breaks the kiss. Matt’s cheeks are red and both men are panting heavily, but also grinning like lovesick teenagers.

“I… ah… still have some work to do, uh…” Matt adjusts the fabric of his trousers around his erection and chuckles, “...somehow. I can come over tonight though. Eight?”

“Sou- sounds good.” Foggy nods, still catching his breath. “Pizza?”

“Yes, why not?” Matt smiles. “So, it’s a date.”

Foggy nods again. But then his smile fades as he thinks of the woman Matt has a date with the next day. Matt apparently senses the shift in the mood. Tenderly, he cups Foggy’s cheek and kisses his nose.

“Don’t worry,” he says. “I’ll take care of everything. You get exclusive rights.”

Foggy laughs. “That’s nice.”

“See you later, Foggy.”

“Yes, later.”

With a smile so broad that it hurts, Foggy leaves the office and hurries home. He has a date to prepare for after all.


Matt listens to the retreating footsteps. Foggy’s scent lingers in the air, making Matt’s nostrils flare. Softly, Matt touches his lips, the echo of the kiss still tingling on them. He recalls the ample body pressed against his, the soft sighs and needy whimpers, reaching his ear. The desire in the thrumming heartbeat, the devotion in Foggy’s voice.

Cute. And useful.

Matt grabs his coffee cup and returns to the office. Looking around, he sighs. So much smaller than his own. Well, lack of space was the occupant’s tiniest problem right now.

Speaking of. Matt can hear him growl behind the gag, strain against the ropes. In vain, of course. It’s surprisingly easy to catch yourself.

Listening carefully, Matt makes sure nobody is nearby. Then he squats down and removes the fabric from his counterpart’s mouth.

“Sorry for the interruption,” he says. “We were talking about the codes I need, yes?”

The other Matt Murdock, Daredevil as some call him, does not answer. But the sharp breath coming out of his nose speaks of his anger.

“Oh, cheer up!” Matt tells him. “Didn’t you hear? You have a date tonight!”

“If you…,” Daredevil starts but Matt presses his hand across his mouth.

“He’s cute and he tastes astonishingly good,” Matt says. “Plus, he is so utterly in love with Matt Murdock. I bet he is willing and eager to do,” he places his lips right at Daredevil’s ear, “ everything Matt Murdock wants.”

Standing straight again, he thoughtfully scratches his chin.

“The question is… which Matt Murdock will go on this date and benefit from that eagerness?” he asks. “You, after giving me the codes I need, while I’m back in my universe? Or I, very, very frustrated because you didn’t give me the codes I need, while you’re still bound here?”

Slowly, he removes his hand from Daredevil’s mouth. Matt can feel the contempt and rage emanating from his counterpart, but it’s not that his captive can do much about it.

Grinning, Matt tilts his head.

“So. What’s it gonna be, Mr.Murdock?"

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