Because the Night belongs to us

Chapter 2

NSFW warning! Contains blood, violence, undead creatures and explicit sex scenes, including those with dubious consent. Minors, turn back! Adults, proceed at your own risk!

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New York may never sleep, but sometimes she rested for a moment. As if she was taking a deep breath to calm herself, her lights dimmed a little, the steady rush of cars turned into an occasional hum and the constant stream of voices became a concert of hushed whispers.

It was one of those rare moments. Misty and Colleen left Misty’s car to find the street in front of the former dojo deserted. Unusual, but not unheard of, the silence did not faze the women. In fact, they welcomed not being exposed to curious stares and disapproving glances at their roughed up state. They had been worse to the wear after some of their late night tours.

Both Misty and Colleen were done telling themselves they’d rather be doing something else with their nights. They were teaching the gangs and wanna-be crimelords that neither the disappearance of Davos nor the incarceration of the Kingpin nor the death of the Hand leadership meant that the city was free for scrapping. For a while they’d always ranted about how they’d rather be home to watch a movie or grab a drink or find a cute guy. The truth was they enjoyed doing their part in keeping the city safe, just as they enjoyed doing it with a trusted friend who they knew would have their back.

“We should do that professionally,” Misty said as they entered the building. “I mean, of course we’d still keep the bad guys in check for free. But we could offer our skills for money.”

“You have a job, Misty,” Colleen laughed. “Remember? That… um… police thing you have going?”

“Ah that. That’s more of a hobby,” Misty said. She laughed, but then admitted, “It’s not the same anymore. Maybe I have seen too much weird shit. What you and I do - that gives me the feeling of accomplishing something.”

Colleen unlocked the door to her repurposed dojo and waved Misty in. After grabbing the first aid kit, she studied her friend’s expression.

“You mean it, hm?” she asked. “You really want out and become a hero for hire?”

“Well… I would have called it private investigator,” Misty smiled. “But yes, my thoughts went there.”

“Team up with Jessica Jones then,” Colleen said, a smirk playing around her lips.

“Yeah, because that girl is such a team player,” Misty deadpanned.

“It got better.”

“Than what?”

“Than when we met her.”

“Faint praise.”


They both laughed. In silence, Misty let Colleen clean up her wounds before they switched up.

“I mean it,” Misty said as she dabbed on a scratch on Colleen’s arm. “I’m seriously thinking about it and I want a partner. You’d be perfect. And you need a job, right?”

“My savings are coming to an end,” Colleen admitted. “And I really don’t want to ask Danny for money. Or a rent reduction, for that matter.”

“Rent reduction?”

“He bought the building a while ago because he needed a place to sleep.”

“Of course he did.”

Misty bit her lip, debating whether she should ask the question she had been pondering for a while now. “You back together?” she asked carefully.

“Erm, no,” Colleen said. “But who knows? Apparently he is back for good now. So is Ward, by the way.”

“Is he now?” Misty grinned. She couldn’t help herself. There was something about that Meachum guy.

“You know, if you’re gonna be my partner, I need you sane,” Colleen said. “So stop making that thing with your face when thinking about Ward Meachum.”

“He’s alright,” Misty smiled.

“Yeah, that thing. Don’t do it.”

“So, my taste in men aside, you’d consider it?” Misty asked.

“I… would,” Colleen said in a tone that indicated she was surprising herself. “I’ll need to research how to start a business like that and we’ll probably need a gazillion of documents.”

“Ah, well, we know two great lawyers, don’t we?”

“Yeah, one of which is in jail with one foot because he regularly beats up criminals in his pajamas and the other is on the verge of being disbarred because his partner regularly beats up criminals in his pajamas.”

“They’re still good lawyers,” Misty said.

“But we will not let Foggy come up with a name!”

“Heavens, no.”

A knock interrupted their planning. Exchanging a confused look, Colleen and Misty got to their feet. Any visitor at this time of night meant either bad news or trouble, often both.

“Hello?” Colleen asked.

Both women sighed in relief when a familiar voice called through the door. “It’s Danny. I know it’s late. Sorry. But… can we talk?”

Colleen turned to Misty. But Misty just shrugged and mouthed, “Your ex, your decision.”

“Ah, yes, sure, just a sec,” Colleen called and walked to the door.

She steadied herself with a deep breath and opened the door. Danny greeted her with his trademark clueless-but-cute-boy smile and waved awkwardly. Not unlike Colleen, he was a bit disheveled and wore traces of a fight on his body and clothes. But since he appeared to be in a good mood, it was no reason to worry.





Misty cleared her throat and grabbed her jacket. “As fascinating as this conversation is… I’ll be outside for a moment. Getting some air.”

Colleen and Danny nodded and watched her leave.


“Do you think we can heal them?” Foggy broke the silence in the van. “I mean, in the stories it’s often that the heroes have, like, one day, sometimes three to do something to reverse it.”

Jessica’s expression was uncharacteristically soft when she turned to Foggy. Sighing, she lifted her shoulders.

“I wouldn’t know,” she said. “Neither would Luke. Danny might know something as an expert in mystic stuff. Even Matt could have heard about this while being with this weird blind dude. Makes me wonder if it’s a coincidence that exactly the guys who might have any clue how to fix this are the ones who were… you know…”

“...turned into vampires,” Luke finished the sentence, not taking his eyes off the road.

“But there is something, right.” Foggy was not sure if he tried to encourage the others or himself. “We can fix this.”

Smiling softly, Jess nodded. “Sure, possibly.”

Foggy ignored the doubt swinging in her voice. Grateful that she tried to give him hope, he returned her smile and leant back in his seat. While he was tired to his bones, he had the feeling that he should not sleep until dawn.


Outside, Misty drew in a lungful of the deep night’s air. Autumn was coming to an end and when the sun was gone, it did not take long for the city streets to grow cold. Usually, low temperatures did not bother Misty too much, but something had her shiver despite her thick jacket. The hairs on her neck began to rise and she took a defensive stance.

Focused, she let her eyes wander. Nobody was around and she heard nothing that indicated someone being in distress. Nevertheless, Misty stayed vigilant, never one to ignore her instinct for danger. Something was going on, she just did not know yet what it was.

Since Colleen and Danny would be fine on their own, Misty considered patrolling the block. Just when she had made up her mind, a roaring motor had her whirl around.

Way too fast, a dirty white van raced down the road. It came to a screeching halt right in front of the dojo. Misty put her hands at her hip, ready to give the driver a stern talking to when her anger morphed into surprise.

Out of the vehicle climbed Luke. A worrying paleness snowed on his usually rich brown skin and he appeared to be shaken. That in itself was reason for concern since the man was a rock, literally and metaphorically speaking. But even more shocking was the red scratch on his arm, visible under the torn fabric of his sweater’s sleeve.

After Luke, Jessica Jones and Franklin “Foggy” Nelson left the van as well. Misty furrowed her brows as she saw the lawyer since he normally did not join the Defenders on their nightly endeavors. Even more confused, she noticed that Murdock did not appear.

“Hey, guys, what…,” Misty began, but Luke interrupted at once.

“Where’s Colleen?” he asked.

“Upstairs with Danny,” Misty answered. “Wh…”

But Luke and Jessica were already running past her, Foggy close behind them. Hurriedly, Misty followed them.

“Foggy, what’s going on?” she asked.

“Matt and Danny… um… they’re sort of vampires?”


“We think,” Foggy said with a helpless shrug. “It’s not that we can confirm it scientifically, but they do check some boxes.”

Open-mouthed, Misty stared at Foggy. She had a thousand questions left, but they could wait. Luke, Jessica and Foggy thought Colleen was in danger. What nature said danger was of was secondary now.

When the four of them reached the right floor, they heard a commotion. Angry shouts and crashing sounds echoed through the walls.They all raced towards the door, Jessica taking the lead. She kicked open the apartment door and her eyes widened. Catching up, Misty saw why. While she had been gone, the former dojo had been turned into a mess.

The dinner table was broken. All the first aid supplies lay scattered on the ground and no piece of furniture was still in place. A chair had been thrown at the computers in the corner, leaving a pile of broken technologie.

In the middle of the room stood Danny and Colleen. They breathed heavily, but otherwise did not move, just stared at each other. Danny’s fists were glowing and his arms were lifted in defense. Just like his, Colleen’s hands were alight with the gift of Shou-Lao and she held one of them against her bleeding neck to heal it.

Neither moved for a while. But then Colleen charged forward, Danny a millisecond later. At the last moment, Colleen dodged to prevent the full body collision, but she stretched out her leg, slamming her foot forcefully against Danny’s chest.

With an ugly sound, Danny’s back collided with the wall. But instead of slumping to the ground, he caught himself mid-air and elegantly landed on both feet.

“What is wrong with you?” Colleen yelled at Danny.

Hands raised in a placating manner, Danny stood straight. Misty gasped as she finally saw what Foggy meant. Long fangs turned Danny’s boyish smile into an uncanny parody of itself when he spoke to Colleen.

“I’m perfectly fine,” he said. “It’s you who has a problem: You can’t see. Not really. But I can help you.”

“Back off,” Jess snarled, stepping into the apartment. “I don’t wanna hurt you again, but I will if necessary.”

Danny aimed his eerie smile at her. Almost fond was his expression as he shook his head.

“Oh, Jessica,” he sighed. “Always so angry. You’re not whole. Broken. You all are. Matt and I can help you. No. We will help you.”

“It’s you who needs help.” Jess raised her arms defensively, “You’ll come with us, we secure you and look for a way to cure you.”

“Cure?” Danny repeated. “I am cured. Finally.”

A shiver went through Misty as Danny spoke. His voice was like honey, smooth and sweet, and so full of conviction and promise. Part of her wished, he had come for her, not for Colleen. Wildly, she shook her head as if the movement could force the thoughts out of her mind.

Luke stepped beside Jess. “Danny, we’re your friends. You helped me when I had lost my way. Let me help you now.”

“Of course, Luke,” Danny said. “You can help us. And you will. All of you.”

While he talked, Misty caught a movement on his hand. Squinting her eyes, she examined the light around his fists. With a superficial glance, the yellow glow appeared like it always did, but looking closer, Misty saw dark red threads swishing through the golden orb. Almost like tiny fissures in an amber stone, only that they were in motion.

Danny’s eyes fell on Foggy. Instinctively, Misty moved in front of Foggy, but Danny addressed him nonetheless.

“Foggy,” he said softly. “Matt really wants to talk to you. I hate to get involved, but I think you hurt his feelings.”

“Well, he hurt my neck so I guess we’re even,” Foggy deadpanned, but then he pleaded,“Please, let us help you guys.”

Sadly, Danny sighed. “You don’t understand.”

His eyes flicked to Colleen. The movement was not lost to Jessica who boldly stepped forward, clearly trying to get between Danny and Colleen. It was probably wise. Usually, Misty would not think Colleen needed protection, but who knew what kind of skills this version of Danny might have.

Narrowing his eyes, Danny skimmed the room. Apparently, evaluating his chances, he finally shrugged.

“Later then,” he said.

Before anyone could react, Danny jumped on the couch. Immediately he bounced off, raised his fist midair and slammed it against the window. Without hesitation, he leaped through the mass of flying shards. Cursing and yelling, everyone protected their eyes.

“Deja-vu,” Foggy whispered as he dared to stop covering his face.

They all rushed to the window. Faint steps reached their ears, but they could no longer see Danny.

“Shit,” Misty said. “What the Hell was that?”

“We all know what it was,” Luke answered. “Question is, are we willing to acknowledge it so we can do something about it?”

“What can we do?” Colleen asked, eyes wet. “That… was Danny and it wasn’t. How can we save him?”

Foggy cleared his throat. “I don’t know what we can do,” he admitted. “But I know someone who might know.”


The cry of rage and anguish faded as the body turned into fine gray dust. Matt cocked his head and listened into the imperfect silence of the building. But there was nothing except the rustling of wind in the curtains and the creaking of old wood.

Only three of the house’s inhabitants were left: a woman named Caroline and two men called Bill and Sean. They stood against a wall, glad to be alive but not necessarily happy. However, they had seen Matt’s and Danny’s superiority in battle and were too smart to challenge them.

“You think that’s all of them?” Danny asked and let himself fall into a worn armchair when Matt nodded.

“With all due respect,” said Sean. “If you want to take over Hell’s kitchen, why do you think it’s smart to decimate our numbers? You killed most of our group.”

“Yes,” Matt said, contempt dripping from his lips. “Junkies, drug-dealers and thugs. Oh, and the fools who thought junkies, drug-dealers and thugs would make a good army. There were twenty of you and you three are the only ones who might prove to be useful.”

Collectively, the three spared ones swallowed. Matt smirked. Even without a heartbeat, he knew they were scared. It was a whole new world. In addition to his familiar senses, he could pick up fear, could feel it, almost taste it. It would come in very handy in general, but especially when trying to track people who did not breathe or have a pulse.

But Sean chose to speak up again.

“So, you want a strong army. Worthy fighters,” he said with a tinge of irony. “Then why do you want that lawyer? Nelson? I admit he looks very delicious, but not exactly like a fighter.”

Within the fracture of a second, Matt’s blade was at Sean’s neck.

“Foggy is charming, people love him, trust him. He is fantastic at planning and improvising. He is extremely smart,” Matt said low-voiced. “How smart are you, Sean?” he pressed the tip of the katana harder against Sean’s throat. “How smart is questioning my best friend’s value in my presence?”

Sean swallowed. Not daring to move, stood still against the wall, opening and closing his mouth, probably pondering the correct response.

In the armchair, Danny chuckled.

“Stop it, Matt,” he said, amused. “I think you made your point. Don’t make him pee himself.” He halted and hummed thoughtfully. “Wait. Do we still pee?”


“We need to know stuff like that,” Danny insisted and pointed at Caroline, “You. Do vampires pee?”

“Ah…” Confusion and fear emanated from Caroline and Matt heard the bones in her neck when she turned from Danny to Matt and back.

“Just answer the question,” Matt sighed. “It’s not that he’ll give up before you do.”

“Our… our digestive system still works, yes,” Caroline said. “It can deal with all kinds of food, but only the blood of mammals has any notable nutritional value for us.”

“See? Good to know,” Danny said. “I can still eat pork chops as long as I get my share of blood.”

“I’m so glad you have your priorities straight,” Matt said sarcastically. He asked Caroline, “How long will the blood you stored in the basement last? Estimatedly?”

“For five vampires? Under normal circumstances two weeks, I think,” she said. “But it will take a few days before the two of you will start to need it.”

“You were in charge of rationing?” Matt asked.

Caroline nodded. “I was.”

“You still are. Take care of that,” he said. “The sun is rising. Let’s rest.” He turned to Caroline, Bill and Sean. “Don’t even think of attacking us. I’d know what you plan even before you do.”


When the old van arrived in Greenwich village, a gray sky hung over the area. Only occasionally the weak autumn sun broke through the blanket of dark clouds, light breaking in the windows of the large buildings. A cold wind greeted the group as they left the car on Bleeker Street and walked up to 177a.

After last night, it was surreal to see people go on their merry way, following their daily schedule as if everything was alright. On the other hand, this dose of normalcy had a soothing effect on Foggy’s restless mind. He knew what he had to do. Find Matt, help Matt, bring Matt back.

Ensouled with this thought, Foggy took the steps to the entrance and knocked. At once, the two leaf door opened, complaining with a loud creak of its angles.

While Foggy was not really surprised that nobody was behind the door, everyone else halted. Staring into the half-light of the old building, they tried finding whoever had opened, but Foggy waved them in.

“It’s okay,” he said. “Things here are weird, but not dangerous. Mostly.”

“Reassuring,” Jessica grumbled. Yet she was the first to enter.

Their steps were thrown back from the walls and the high ceiling carried the echo through the house. Foggy studied the corridor to the left and right and searched the double staircase leading upwards. Nobody was in sight, but the New York Sanctum would not be unguarded.

“Um hello?” Foggy called. “You may remember me. I’m Fog… Franklin Nelson. I helped you with a contract once? Against that Dormammu fellow?”

The group yelled in shock and even Jessica jumped backwards. The familiar yet still a little unnerving figure of Doctor Strange appeared behind the balustrade above.

“Hello, Mr. Nelson,” he said politely and spoke, very fast, “I do, of course, remember you and I am aware that you changed address. I’m very happy you reconciled with your partner since together you can accomplish a lot of good things. Right now, I am not in need of your service, but be assured that I will call you if…”

“No, no,” Foggy interrupted. “ We need your help.”

“Unfortunately, I am very busy, Mr. Nelson.”

“It’s an emergency.”

“Have you watched the news?” Strange asked impatiently. “Everyone has an emergency, everything is an emergency. This is the planet of emergencies!”

Strange lifted his hand. Since this indicated that he would disappear via magic within seconds, Foggy all but yelled at him.

“Daredevil and the Iron First were turned into vampires!”

Strange’s eyes widened and his hand sank. Groaning, he pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and index finger.

“I suppose this is an emergency.”

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