Runaway Royality

Runaway Royality is a human AU with Aziraphale as a Prince in a fictional kingdom. His family expects him to marry a woman, but not only has he never met her, he is also gay. So he flees the castle and ultimately the kingdom. By his side, is Captain Crowley from the Royal Guard who could neither bring himself to report the runaway prince nor to let him go on his own. Now the two of them have to find a safe place and come to terms with their feelings for each other.

Please, note that parts of this story are VERY NSFW. Proceed at your own risk and only if you are an adult!

Part 1: Nightly Escapes.

Part 2: Shifting Power.

Part 3: Summer Heat.

Part 4: Crying the Rain.

Part 5: Culmination.

Part 6: Knight's Opening, Queen's Victory.

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